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Healing Soul, Body and Mind

Welcome to the official website of the HelioSol System®, a holistic complementary health care system.

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People become happier, healthier and live the best possible versions of their lives when they release the stressful, emotional attachments to their beliefs. 


HelioSol Practitioners work with the causes of their clients’ unhappiness and illnesses. HelioSol Practitioners have the practical skills to offer effective sessions designed specifically for each individual client.  HelioSol Instructors who are knowledgeable in the latest discoveries in the science of healing, as well as in the spiritual wisdom of the ancient philosophers, teach both theory and practical skills. All this information is available as self-help techniques that people can do on their own.


In this way, everyone involved – clients, students, practitioners, instructors – can live to their fullest potential. 


To provide an easily accessible holistic system of healing and education that combines cutting-edge scientific knowledge and ancient spiritual wisdom. To make this system of holistic healing available to all people so that they can help themselves or be helped by Licensed HelioSol Practitioners. 


"Healing Soul, Body and Mind"


The HelioSol System (HSS) is a holistic, non-invasive, drug-free complementary health care system that utilizes a person’s inner natural healing forces to shift their perspective on life, releasing stress, which can lead to extraordinary changes on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – in areas such as health, abundance, relationships, and career. HSS consists of a blend of concepts from western and eastern thinking, as well as spiritual and scientific understanding. HSS is a powerful, consciousness-based system.

The core of the system is based on the idea that everything, including a human being, consists of frequencies. These frequencies exist as light in the zero-point field (also known as Universal Consciousness). The frequencies have collapsed through consciousness into physical manifestation. We use the information contained in light to shift imbalances in the bodymind through a process known as resonance. Find the correct frequency that something is meant to vibrate at and that something will then begin to raise or lower its frequency to match the correct one.

For example, on the physical level, if a person is experiencing a headache, the structures involved – muscles, arteries, neurons, etc. – are not vibrating at their optimum level and so cannot perform their functions properly, resulting in the headache. In a HelioSol session, the practitioner finds the underlying causes for this – the attachment to beliefs that cause the emotional tension held in the tissues – and the frequencies that will release these attachments to allow the structures to regain their intended vibrations. This is how the stress held in the bodymind is dealt with for healing to occur. It is all accomplished through the client’s innate intelligence of the body that knows how to heal. 

The practitioner establishes a yes/no response with this intelligence and then uses The Healing Wheel and The HelioSol Master Chart to determine what needs to shift. HSS uses a series of templates that highlight the balancing energies required to bring the frequencies into resonance. The Foundational HelioSol Technique (FHT) is then used as the activator to bring about the changes during the download process.

The HSS approach to addressing energetic imbalances can also be applied to animals and plants. Animals and plants are susceptible to experiencing stress within their environments, leading to serious health conditions. Specialized HelioSol practitioners are trained to find the frequencies that will counterbalance the root causes and then stimulate the ability of animals and plants to self-heal and thrive harmoniously within their respective surroundings. 

Some people after experiencing the benefits of a HelioSol session for themselves or their animal/plants become interested in training to become a practitioner themselves. If this applies, please click here to learn more.  


In addition to being used by a practitioner as the activator within a session, the Foundational HelioSol Technique (FHT) can also be employed as a stand-alone self-help, self-healing tool by anyone who learns it. FHT is a simple, easy-to-learn activity using breath, visualization and tapping that, by itself, can have profound general effects on the bodymind if used on a daily basis. The technique can also be used to help other people (clients, family members, friends), animals, and even plants. FHT applied in an emergency situation can be very effective on its own for less serious injuries or as an addition to any other medical intervention or first aid measure. Click here to read more.

Note: The HelioSol System and Foundational HelioSol Technique are NOT diagnostic in any way and are not meant as substitutions for medical care. Should you require medical attention, please seek it immediately.

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