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Exploring HelioSol for Health and Happiness Lecture Series (all recordings are now available here.)

Introduction by Sylvia Muiznieks

The HelioSol Technique by Cheryl Ramsay

AgapeMind by Charlotte Jukes

Application to Animals by Sacha Maxwell 

Application to Plants and Ecosystems by Katharina Arnesen 

Join Katharina Arnesen in the fifth and final lecture in the Exploring HelioSol for Health and Happiness lecture series as she explains how plants are integrated along with fungi, other microorganisms and creatures in a cooperative way to create ecosystems. Then, she explains how the HelioSol Technique and the AgapeMind process support the health of all living things in the ecosystem.  Please view it here along with all the other lectures.


Interview of Sylvia Muiznieks by Lisa Powers

Check out the interview that one of our instructors, Lisa Powers, conducted with Sylvia Muiznieks, Creator of the HelioSol System. The Youtube link is:










Celebrate the Equinox with HelioSol Recording

Come celebrate the Equinox with us! In the northern hemisphere we are observing the Fall Equinox and in the southern hemisphere, it's the Spring Equinox. They are both about balance and transition taking place on the Earth and on a personal level. To help us harmonize with the changing energies, Charlotte Jukes leads us through some breathing exercises and Sylvia Muiznieks conducts a session for those who tune into the recording.

To access the recording, click here.

'The Light That We Are' Podcast Recording

Sylvia Muiznieks did an interview with Sarah Chave on her podcast where they chatted about how the latest principles of quantum physics and ancient spiritual understanding are now being merged into a holistic view of the bodymind. Sylvia also leads listeners in an exercise to experience the Light that we are at the core of our nature. Here is the YouTube link:

New Course:

HelioSol Instructor Sessions and Group Observation

This course has been designed for some participants to receive a HelioSol session in front of the group conducted by one of our HelioSol Instructors and for other participants to be able to observe and then engage in the ensuing discussions. This is an excellent way to deepen your understanding of concerns, concepts, and templates as the instructor will be explaining them in context of what is being focused on in each session. As well, you will pick up new insights into how to conduct your own sessions.

If you are not a HelioSol student or practitioner, you will still be eligible for receiving a session and then complement it with seeing how the HelioSol System is applied to reach and eliminate the root of all dis-ease and unhappiness in life.

There will be a set number of sessions that will be offered by the instructor in each course. The first people to register will receive a personal one-on-one session until the set number of sessions has been filled. All others are invited to attend, at a reduced fee, as observers.

This course is open to anyone.

This course may be offered in-person or by Zoom.

Go to the Course Schedule to find a date that suits you by clicking here 

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