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Picture of Lisa Powers

Hello, thanks so much for stopping by.

I’m Lisa Powers.

My passion for natural wellness and consciousness-based healing started in my youth. I
continued to focus on health and wellness through university where I received my Bachelor
degrees in Kinesiology and Education.

Over the past 20 years, I have practiced and taught energy-based medicine to thousands of
students and am so honored to be teaching courses within the HelioSol System.

Every year, I am more aware of the need for healthcare that addresses the entire bodymind
and the root cause of imbalance.

The HelioSol System combines the wisdom from many traditions and modalities in a way that is
accessible and powerful. I am honored and grateful to be teaching and practicing within this

My work is distance based which means that all of my courses are taught online. At this time I
am not accepting new clients but do happily perform sessions within my courses for students.

I have two children and two ragdolls, so when I am not enjoying my HelioSol work, you will
likely find me chasing after one of the kids or pulling a ragdoll out of a sink somewhere.

Here are a few comments from my students:

“Lisa is a knowledgeable and professional presenter. Her approach is practical and
lectures are well-structured. The material and resources are informative and easy to
follow. Thank you.” A Hayes

“I took my time with the course because I wanted to apply what I was learning, and I can
honestly say that I feel like a new person. I see clearer, I feel deeper, and I feel so
empowered. Thank you so much!” S Garcia

“I loved it! I learned so much and I feel how it changed my life. I recommend this course!
Thank you Lisa!” V Champion

“Fantastic course! she makes it clear and very specific. loved it.” A Loreto

“I like the gentle tone of Lisa’s voice, her in-depth knowledge and the manner in which
she explains the content of the course so that it is understandable. I am enjoying my
experience and usually don't want to stop studying once I start.” I Oleghe

I hope to connect with you in one of my course and wish you all the best on your
amazing journey.

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