"Here’s my HelioSol story - yesterday afternoon, my 9yr old dog Scooby (lab x greyhound) slipped in the snow and hit the ground hard, head first, front legs splayed. We had to go out, so we left him lying on his bed at home for a couple of hours. 
When we got home, Scooby was in terrible shape. He didn't get up to greet us, he didn’t even lift his head. His face was full of stress, he was trembly, he was just lying there in a really, really bad way (he’s normally a super active happy dog). 

I tapped out the Emergency Template using the Heliosol technique right then. His immediate response was to roll over very slowly on his side, which gave me better access to tap his chest. He brought his front paws up to his nose and just laid there not moving. I let him be.

About 5 minutes had passed, I was in my office, and in comes Scooby, happy, moving well, whining to go outside, his regular self! 
Even today he’s good, no evidence that he fell yesterday. Even if he was just chasing his ball, he would normally he be a little stiff in his walking. Thank you HelioSol!"

Lisa W., Canada


"How can I express my gratitude for your kindness in helping me in this moment? The session was amazing because I could feel the amelioration of my stomach issues. I could feel the pain disappear – which was strange because the pain was so strong before that I thought “I don’t remember how it is in my body without this pain!!” I was able to sleep (short but good). I woke up feeling very strong and it stayed all day long: very energetic and mentally clear, all perfect! We still have a lot of work ahead, but I still feel strong."
Léopoldine W., France



"HelioSol is an extremely powerful healing system and I have experienced almost instantaneous transformation after receiving a session. Following the sudden loss of my father I was finding it difficult to sleep and was having panic attacks but this quickly settled down after a treatment. For anyone who would like to shift their bodymind to a more balanced state I really could not recommend this highly enough."
Sarah C., UK

"Heliosol was extremely fun to learn! It brought ease and clarity to a lot of my energy medicine background. It is fun and very effective to use the frequency charts and I am always excited to offer this to my clients, friends and family around the world."

Paul S., Canada

Note: HelioSol is NOT diagnostic in any way and is not meant as a substitution for medical care. Should you require medical attention, please seek it immediately.

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