To find a currently licensed HelioSol Practitioner, please click on the desired country in the pull-down menu.

Please note that all HelioSol Practitioners are able to conduct sessions at a distance.

Mentorship Program

Some HelioSol Practitioners and Instructors have volunteered to mentor students going through the training program or to support new HSPs who are just starting out. You can contact a Mentor directly, by clicking on their name below, to gain from their experience and wisdom - in learning the content of any course or in working with clients.

Current List of Mentors:

Charlotte Jukes (Canada)

Sheila Martin (Canada)

Sacha Maxwell (Ireland)

Cheryl Ramsay (Canada)

Anne Susas (Unted States)

Susan Stenson (Canada)

Laura Wishart (Canada)

  • alternative health care system


  • energy healing modality


  • bodymind practitioner training and courses