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Picture of Sylvia Muiznieks

Sylvia Muiznieks

Creator of the HelioSol System


Sylvia's interest in understanding how the bodymind works and how to address any imbalances at the physical, energetic, mental, and spiritual levels began early in life through her parents, who owned one of the first health food stores in Ontario, Canada. She developed her understanding of how the body moves and works by studying dance and kinesiology, attaining her BSc. in Health Studies and Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo in 1978. Starting in 1992, Sylvia taught anatomy & physiology and advanced massage technique courses in the Mount Royal University massage therapy program in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She was subsequently the Administrator of the Centre for Complementary Health Education at Mount Royal University for 9 years. 

Sylvia was an Advanced Senior Certified BodyTalk Instructor and Senior MindScape Instructor for the International BodyTalk Association (IBA) for 14 years, teaching BodyTalk Fundamentals and all the advanced BodyTalk modules (including the PaRama Unit 1 Practical) throughout the world. She also trained and certified many new instructors for BodyTalk Fundamentals and all the advanced core modules. As a Senior MindScape Instructor, she trained and graduated a number of MindScape Instructors.

Sylvia officially retired from her teaching role with the IBA in January 2021, so she could spend more time on the things most important to her from personal and professional perspectives.


Through her experiences and study, Sylvia developed a much broader and inclusive view of the bodymind from both western and eastern perspectives. She came to realize how critical a role consciousness plays in all aspects of health and well-being. It was this understanding that led to the conceptualization of the elements of the HelioSol System as an extension of the BodyTalk and MindScape work.

In 2017, Sylvia developed the Foundational HelioSol Technique (FHT) and then the HelioSol System (HSS). FHT and HSS are based on Sylvia’s formal education, acquired knowledge and experience as well as on information brought into her conscious awareness through her use of the alpha mind state. She is aware that the best way to address imbalances in the bodymind is to go to the source – the attachments to beliefs. This consciousness element is built into both FHT and HSS. Furthermore, Sylvia is aware that since we are Beings of Light vibrating at lower frequencies, the frequencies that are out of balance can be adjusted through resonance using consciousness.

Sylvia is excited to share this work with others. She continues to expand the courses for the HelioSol work to further enhance the training of HelioSol Practitioners and to make the information available to practitioners of other alternative health care modalities as well as to people with no health background. She hopes that it will be helpful to all who come across the work – clients, students, practitioners, instructors – in being able to live the best possible version of their lives.

Sylvia maintains a busy clinical practice based in Cochrane, Alberta.



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