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The Foundational HelioSol Technique (FHT) came about as a result of a request to Sylvia to come up with something simple that people can learn to do on their own that will help them with their general well-being and begin the process of manifesting a more satisfying life. So, drawing upon her background in energy medicine, and combining her  knowledge from ancient spiritual practices with her understanding of principles from quantum physics, the different aspects of FHT came together in an afternoon of inspiration in 2017.

The name HelioSol illuminates the vibrational forces drawn upon in practicing the technique to activate the general healing and transformative forces within the bodymind. Both "Helios" and "Sol" are terms that are associated with the sun and its light. Helios was one name for the Greek god of the sun and Sol is the Latin name for the sun.

Pillar of Light over Cochrane

The frequencies that make up sunlight are the source of all life on earth - including human life. From a scientific perspective, since the bodymind consists of various frequencies, we can use the frequencies within light to help bring about improvements through the principle of resonance. From the spiritual perspective, we are beings of light, containing all the frequencies therein. This is why, once we remember who we are, we become "en-light-ened." The transformational process of moving one's personal consciousness towards remembering it is Universal Consciousness is the ultimate basis for healing - shifting from the separateness of the personal to the wholeness of the universal. 

Good health and unrestricted living comes with understanding that we are one, or whole, with the frequencies of Universal Consciousness. That is what allows the creative life force to flow freely through us and around us. As soon as we perceive ourselves to be separate from Universal Consciousness, we begin to materialize that split in our bodies as symptoms and disease and in our lives as misfortune.

FHT uses a visualization process to breathe in the light of Universal Consciousness and, through resonance, reset key components of the bodymind that in turn affect all cells of the body. Since all structures within cells consist of frequencies, the cells can draw upon the needed frequencies contained within the light to correct, repair and rejuvenate those structures in a general way. Also, by altering the focus on the in- and out-breath, it is possible to redirect the energy of the manifestation process and change the circumstances of life to be more fulfilling. How and why this all works is taught in a one-day course that can be attended by anyone.

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