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Katharina Arnesen


My wish is to contribute what I have learned and learn, the insights I have gained and get to as many people as possible. In order for them to be able to use, think further and further develop what they experience is useful for them. I want to give courses and lectures, lead meditations and other experiences around Sweden and the world, preferably in collaboration with others.

My vision is for people to experience what an amazing opportunity it is to have free will, to take responsibility for their well-being and life, to have the opportunity to experience the miraculous and beautiful planet Earth and take care of it in the best way.



I have been looking for information and practical knowledge from a wide range of sources for a long time. In short – I have never stopped studying.

I have studied basic medicine, social psychology, medical history and other historical courses at universities in Sweden. In addition, I have studied in the USA, Germany, England, Malta, Portugal, Denmark, Canada and Austria. Mainly various medical techniques and philosophies both from the west and east, history, religions, quantum physics, energy medicine, biology and various consciousness techniques for focus, meditation, increased presence and the ability to change their perception of existence by dissolving old beliefs that interfere.

The common denominator is my interest in people and the amazing potential that exists within all of us. Whether it's healing a physical problem, getting to grips with a lifestyle or a thought pattern, that no longer fits into the life we want to live. Expand our understanding of the world around us or develop our artistic ability and capacity for cooperation beyond what we thought possible.

Välkommen att vara med på kurserna jag håller på svenska. Även kursmanualen är på svenska, om du inte särskilt väljer att få den på engelska. Kan vara bra att veta att jag i flera år även undervisat i Danmark och Norge, så vi kommer troligen förstå varandra. ;)


0705.77 44 29

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