These two courses are open to anyone who is interested in learning very simple, yet powerful, tools for experiencing the best possible version of their lives right here and now. 

Once you have found a course of interest, please go to the HSS Course Schedule to find when it is being offered.

Foundational HelioSol Technique

The HelioSol Technique (HT) is the only technique used in The HelioSol System. It can be used as a stand-alone, self-help, self-healing tool by individuals or as the activator/download technique when a HelioSol Practitioner conducts  a HelioSol session.

Learning HT can empower people to work on their own health and well-being. It is possible, after daily practice of this simple, easy-to-learn technique, to generally feel better and to manifest a healthier and more fulfilling life. It is also possible to begin the transformational process of moving one’s personal consciousness towards remembering it is universal consciousness. 

In this course you will learn:
•    How to perform the technique on yourself
•    How to perform the technique on others (including family members, friends, animals and even plants)
•    The hand positions, the breathing, the tapping, and the visualization that the technique consists of
•    Information on the relevance of all the components of the technique for better understanding and clearer   

•    How to incorporate the Emergency Care Template when confronted by an emergency to help stabilize the situation

There will be instructor demonstrations and student practice time.
This course is open to anyone.

To read the bios of the instructors who teach this course, click on their names: Katharina Arnesen,

Sacha Maxwell, Cheryl Ramsay

Foundational AgapeMind

It is the beliefs held in the mind that act as filters for collapsing all possibilities for being into the life that is experienced. So, to change whatever has been manifested in life that you are not happy with –whether it’s your health, your relationships, your work, your financial situation, where you live, how much recreational time you have, or anything else – you need to learn how to consciously direct the process. The process consists of using “heart and mind over matter.”

In this course you will learn:
•    How the heart’s toroidal field influences the ability to access fields of information located in the zero-point field
•    The process to get into the alpha mind state 
•    How to create the Retreat and its mental tools within the OmniSphere 
•    How the mental tools work
•    How to use the Retreat in daily life and for personal growth and well-being
•    How to use the Retreat when working with others

There will be some required reading prior to the class. The material will be sent to you once registration for the class has closed.

There will be individual and group activities.
This course is open to anyone.

To read the bios of the instructors who teach this course, click on their names: Charlotte Jukes, Sacha Maxwell