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Foundational HelioSol Technique With Application to Animals

The foundational HelioSol technique is the only technique used in The HelioSol System for both humans and animals. It can be used as a stand-alone or as the activator/download technique when doing a HelioSol session.

The HelioSol technique works even better in some ways on our four-legged friends than on us humans, because animals do not put up intellectual, left brain barriers to the movement of energy. It is possible to improve your animal’s health and happiness by performing the HelioSol technique daily on it. However, before you start each time, it is beneficial for you to have done the HelioSol technique on yourself. This is because the health and well-being of you, the guardian, and the animal are intricately linked, in an energetic balance. If you are calm and happy, your animal will respond more positively and quickly to the energetic shifts that the HelioSol technique will be initiating.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to perform the technique on yourself

  • How to safely apply the technique to animals using a surrogate

  • The hand positions, the breathing, the tapping, and the visualization that the technique consists of

  • Information on the relevance of all the components of the technique for better understanding and clearer observation

  • How to incorporate the Emergency Care Template when confronted by an emergency to help stabilize the situation, whether it is for yourself, someone else, or your animal


There will be instructor demonstrations and student practice time.

Animals most welcome to attend class for practice time

This course is open to anyone.

To read the bio of the instructor who teaches this course, click on Sacha Maxwell.

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