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Picture of Sonia Mcintosh

I am a mother of 3 men and grandmother to 3 beautiful children.  Throughout my mothering years, I had the intention of, to the best of my ability, providing a natural and balanced lifestyle to my children. I was always searching and learning new ways of eating, exercising, using herbs, and later on I learned Energy Medicine which to me was the piece of the puzzle that had been missing. 


I became a BodyTalk Practitioner in 2013 and have seen how important it is to address all aspects of our being. I have a deep faith and trust in our Creator and Mother Earth. To me, they are the highest Father and Mother providing us with all that we need.  I have now learned the HelioSol System and have applied it in all my sessions and have seen the power and intelligence that is available to us when we are open to receive and change what is not working for us.  I do all my sessions with the utmost care and respect for the individual knowing they are the masters of their own vessel.  


I invite you to try a session with me and I know and feel I also learn something new with each client. There is always an interchange and a connection that is beyond the physical.


Thank you for reading my Bio. 



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