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Rumiko Oka began learning Tellington TTouch and Bach Flower Remedies after the loss of her beloved cat. After becoming a TTouch practitioner in 2010, she took early retirement from her job and began offering TTouch and Bach Flower sessions for animals.

A TTouch teacher introduced her to BodyTalk, which led her to learn BodyTalk in 2014, and she also became a CBP in 2015, Adv. CBP in 2018, and CBP for Animals in 2021, working with animals and their owners.

Then Rumiko learned about the HelioSol approach to working with her clients and In 2022, she was also licensed as a HelioSol Practitioner for both people and animals. True to the vision of the HelioSol System, she works for the happiness and health of both humans and their animals. 

Picture of Rumiko Oka
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