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Picture of Angie Tourani

Angie's journey with health and wellness started in 2005. While she was looking for a holistic health and wellness solution for her two little kids to prevent them from being overloaded with antibiotics, she stumbled over the BodyTalk system and MindScape in South Africa. She has been practising and teaching BodyTalk and MindScape internationally for over a decade. 


Consciousness work is the essence of her treatments, which inspired her to learn HelioSol, created by Sylvia, as it addresses consciousness, emotional and psychosomatic factors in depth; it has dynamic, holistic paradigms with the simplicity of application. 


Angie is passionate about bringing the light of consciousness to support her clients' healing journey and growth. Her background with Mindscape, and now AgapeMind, gives her an extra edge of intuition, and her all-around training in anatomy and physiology highlights fine details in her clients' healing journey. 


Angie offers 20 minutes of free exploratory online consolation to people new to the HelioSol System. Feel free to reach out to explore HelioSol at

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