Transitional Courses

These courses are intended to be taken by people who are practitioners of other energy therapies (for example BodyTalk) who wish to add the HelioSol approach to their practices. Please contact Sylvia directly at to assess whether you qualify for this transitional program.

If you believe you have had equivalent course work or related experience, you may be exempted from some of the courses to become an HSP.

Foundational Philosophy

The HelioSol System does not belong to any particular school of philosophy. The foundation of the system consists of a blend of western and eastern thinking. It is important to understand this foundation in order to appreciate the design and functional approach that the system takes for supporting the inborn healing ability and potential for change that everyone possesses.   
In this course you will learn:

  • The worldview that the system is based on

  • The relationship of “Atman/Soul/Spirit” to “Absolute/Universal Consciousness/Zero-Point field”

  • What linear thinking is 

  • What role personal beliefs play in making judgements

  • Emotional attachments to beliefs being the cause of “problems”

  • Right/wrong and good/bad as illusions

  • Circle thinking as a solution 

  • Vertical thinking as a tool in sessions

This course is available as a series of recorded lectures (approximately 3.6 hours total) with downloadable manual.

Foundational Concerns and Concepts

Concerns are what a client complains about at the beginning of the session or what their innate intelligence indicates needs to be addressed. Concepts are the client’s attachments to beliefs that act as the triggers for creating imbalances in the bodymind or in life in general. 
The following topics, that appear under Concerns and Concepts on the Master Chart, will be covered:

  • Body, Symptoms, Chakras, Meridians, Meridian Clock, Microcosmic Orbit, Qi, Yin/Yang, Emotions, Conscious,    Subconscious, Subsubconscious, Multilevel, Current Lifetime, Control, Experiences, Fear, Guilt, Love, Symbolic

This course is available as a series of recorded lectures (approximately 9 hours total) with downloadable manual and charts.

Foundational AgapeMind

It is the beliefs held in the mind that act as filters for collapsing all possibilities for being into the life that is experienced. So, to change whatever has been manifested in life that you are not happy with –whether it’s your health, your relationships, your work, your financial situation, where you live, how much recreational time you have, or anything else – you need to learn how to consciously direct the process. The process consists of using “heart and mind over matter.”
In this course you will learn:

  • How the heart’s toroidal field influences the ability to access fields of information located in the zero-point field

  • The process to get into the alpha mind state 

  • How to create the Retreat and its mental tools within the OmniSphere 

  • How the mental tools work

  • How to use the Retreat in daily life and for personal growth

  • How to use the Retreat when working therapeutically with a client

There will be some required reading prior to the class. the material will be sent to you once registration for the class has closed.

There will be individual and group activities.

Introduction to the HelioSol System for Practitioners of Other Modalities

This condensed course is intended to provide practitioners of other energy healing modalities the opportunity to add the HelioSol System (HSS) approach to their practices. HSS is based on identifying the concerns and concepts that are affecting a client’s state of health and life circumstances. Once these have been found, the appropriate templates are applied to resolve those issues. 
In this course you will learn:

  • How to use the Healing Wheel and Master Chart to find the concerns and concepts that the client’s inborn intelligence indicates need to be highlighted

  • The first 15 foundational templates that can be used to address those concerns and concepts: BHEMA, Support, Sleep, Light Frequency, Colour Frequency, Sound Frequency, Anti-Inflammation, Anti-Pain, Brain Stabilization, Post-Traumatic Stress, Neutralize, Vertical Time, Free Energy, Agape Love, and Other 

  • The HelioSol Technique and how to use it as the activator in the download process

There will be some required reading prior to the class. The material will be sent to you once registration for the class has closed.

There will be instructor demonstrations and student practice time.
This course is only open to practitioners of other energy healing modalities.

The Art of Practice

Establishing an ethical, successful practice takes more than simply learning the system.  It takes some planning and goal setting. It takes knowing how to keep records and how to work within the local laws. It takes knowing how to attract and interact with clients. There is an art to creating a well-run practice!
In this course you will learn:

  • The benefits of creating a business plan (including vision and mission statements) and monitoring it over time

  • Basic principles for setting up a clinical practice: creating the clinical space, personal presentation, keeping  records, basic accounting principles

  • How to attract clients, including how to market using traditional approaches and social media

  • What marketing strategies work (and don’t work) for energy therapy practitioners

  • The pros and cons of sole proprietorship, partnerships, incorporating

  • Business practices that work and those that do not (from the experience of established practitioners)

  • When to charge GST or HST, meeting all legal obligations

  • Importance of general liability and professional insurance

  • Local licensing requirements

  • Code of Ethics to guide professional behavior with clients

  • Importance of confidentiality, right to refuse, informed consent, communication –listening and paraphrasing, 

  • Working from compassion, with integrity and empathy, not curing or rescuing

  • How to deal with transference and counter-transference, setting up professional boundaries

  • Personal ethics around “spontaneously” picking up information from people’s holograms

There will be individual and group activities.

Practical Integration

(Pre-requisites: Foundational HelioSol Technique, Foundational Philosophy, Foundational Concerns and Concepts, Foundational Templates, and Introduction to the HelioSol System)
This is the final course that puts all the theory and practice together. The focus is on summarizing and clarifying the material covered in the core courses. There will be opportunity for students to ask questions and receive answers from the instructor.

There will be instructor demonstrations and student practice time.


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