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Picture of Melissa Bahamonde

As a HelioSol Practitioner, Melissa Bahamonde supports her clients with releasing the causes of their unhappiness, blockages and illnesses. Melissa believes in her clients' potential and loves supporting them in moving onto a path that is more reflective of their values and desires. She believes that a commitment to self-discovery and honesty is key to finding your truth and your happiness.


Melissa's background in wholistic healing began 16 years ago with the BodyTalk System, a modality that aims to awaken the body's natural healing abilities by re-establishing better communication in the body-mind. She has also been trained in Mindscape, an elaborate meditation used for improving intuitive and creative abilities, improving performance, problem-solving, manifesting, and more. Through ThetaHealing she also learned techniques for clearing fears and doubts that block us from reaching our highest potential.

Melissa holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and Psychology, and has worked at the managerial level in the academic sector for a research program focused on access to health care for minorities, and in the corporate sector in Finance. She is currently working on getting certified as a coach by the ICF (International Coaching Federation). She is enrolled in the Organizational Coaching Program at UBC (University of British Columbia).

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