Frequently asked questions

How do I become a HelioSol Practitioner (HSP)? I am not trained in another energy healing modality. What courses do I need to take to qualify?

There are 8 courses (or their equivalents) that you will be required to take. They are: Foundational HelioSol Technique Foundational Philosophy Foundational Concerns and Concepts Foundational Templates Foundational AgapeMind Practical Application (the above courses are pre-requisites) The Art of Practice Practical Integration (the Practical Application course is the pre-requisite) What you will learn with each course can be found in the Core Courses descriptions area of the website. This is the preferred order in which to take the courses, but it's not necessary. The pre-requisite courses may be taken in any order before the course that requires them. It may seem like a lot of courses, but they are all relatively short and when you finish the curriculum, you will be well prepared! If you think you have taken an equivalent course, please contact Sylvia at sylvia@innatehealing.net to see if you are eligible to receive a credit for that course.

I already have an energy healing practice. I'm interested in adding the HelioSol approach to my techniques. What do I need to do to become an HSP?

You need to contact Sylvia directly at sylvia@innatehealing.net to assess what courses you may be given credit for. To see what courses are part of the transitional program, please go to the Transitional Courses area. At the minimum, you may only need to take the Introduction to the HelioSol System for Practitioners of Other Modalities in order to become licensed as an HSP.

What can I expect from a HelioSol session?

It depends on whether you are having a session in-person or by distance (yes, distance works!). If you are going to the HelioSol practitioner’s clinic, you will most likely be asked to lie down on a massage table, face up, fully clothed. The practitioner will touch your arm for the biofeedback yes/no response from your body. If the session is by phone, Skype, Zoom, email, or other means, the practitioner will work with your hologram to receive the yes/no response.

No matter how the session is being conducted, you will be given the opportunity to share the concerns you have. Then the practitioner will ask your bodymind via the yes/no biofeedback mechanism what frequencies it requires in order to heal or change whatever is going on. Once these frequencies are found, the practitioner will use the HelioSol Technique to “download” them. This entails touching the forehead in two spots and tapping over the heart (if in-person) or energetically doing this (if by distance).

People react differently to sessions, depending on how sensitive they are to feeling energies. Some notice immediate shifts, others notice that over time their issues resolve, others may even feel a bit worse first before feeling improvements. There are no guarantees of how you will respond to the work!

Will the HelioSol session interfere with the medication I’m on?

In one word, no. The HelioSol approach works to support whatever other therapy you are undergoing, whether alternative or western medicine. All healing modalities have something to offer and the HelioSol System is designed to complement the healing process.

Clients are always encouraged to consult with their doctors. Medications can only be changed by the health care professionals who prescribed them. HelioSol practitioners do not diagnose or prescribe any products. They use your body’s innate intelligence to guide what frequencies you need at that moment in time to help with your healing journey.

How much does a HelioSol session cost?

Each HelioSol practitioner sets their own fees. You can ask your practitioner of choice what they charge by clicking on their email address in the Practitioners area.

Once I have the required courses, what is the application process for becoming a HelioSol practitioner?

The application process is to:

  • Send Sylvia an email at sylvia@innatehealing.net to request the HelioSol Practitioner Licensing Agreement.

  • She makes sure that you qualify and then emails you the licensing agreement for signature.

  • Once you have signed the licensing agreement and emailed it back with the $30.00 CAN (plus GST/HST if in Canada) licensing fee, you will receive your certificate.

There will be an annual licensing fee of $30.00 CAN (plus GST/HST if in Canada). This entitles you to:

  • Be listed on the Practitioners page of the HelioSol website. Click here to view the list.

  • Have access to the HelioSol logo for marketing purposes.

  • Receive updates and any relevant information.

Where can I find a HelioSol Practitioner?

The listing of licenced HSPs, organized by country, can be found here. If you do not reside near an HSP, then you can still contact one of the practitioners to set up a distance session over Zoom, Skype, email, etc., depending on the approach that works best for the both of you.